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On the contrary, if the market sentiment is bearish, most investors expect downward price movement Market sentiment is usually considered as a contrarian indicator.

Block Trade] A bearish block trade of 75 6K shares of HSBC HOLDINGS 00005) occurred at price of HK 80 1 , turnover of HK 6 056M at 02 46p m.

Related News Bearish block trade of CKH HOLDINGSK shares atM turnoverPM. Bearish block trade. An order , trade submitted for sale , bonds being., purchase of a large quantity of securities A block trade involves a significantly large number of shares

A block trade is a permissible, privately negotiated transaction either at , exceeding an exchange determined minimum threshold quantity of shares, noncompetitive

Definition of block trade: A large amount of securities being traded, typically at least 10 000 shares of stock or200 000 in rmally, only. Direction: Bearish The Bearish Advance Block Pattern is not normally a strong reversal pattern, but it can potentially predict a price decline.

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